ExpressCube is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art dimension & weighing equipment for use by the courier, freight, postal parcel services, their customers; and, companies employing logistics to manage their warehouse, packaging, and shipping needs. ExpressCube systems use of advanced technology engineering resulted in a superior product that is more economical than comparable systems on the market.


Dimensional Shipping Guide

All cargo space involved in transporting goods has physical limits based on the volume of the cargo and the weight...

Ease to use

NTEP Certified

Not all scales are NTEP Certified. Review our products page to find the right solution for your packaging needs.


Dimensioning Guide

Virtually every courier company is now calculating an allowable (dimensional) weight for the size of the package that you are shipping...

ExpressCube is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art dimension & weighing equipment.

Scan Faster

ExpressCube systems are perfect for regional and national couriers that are currently losing recaptured revenue opportunities because dimensioning and reweighing equipment has been prohibitively expensive. ExpressCube has economical systems that can interface into your conveyor system with the ability to cube and scan approximately 500 boxes an hour. These systems typically generate enough recaptured revenue from dimensional weight ( volume weight ) to pay for themselves in just a few months of operation.

Save Money!

ExpressCube countertop cubing systems can help eliminate shipping penalty charges by letting shippers use their courier’s dimensional weight factor ( dim factor ) to accurately determine the shipping weight used to calculate their invoices. Using Express Cube’s own SizeIt II program or our API interface for third party shipping programs, shippers now have the opportunity of saving money by comparing courier/ shipping rates for a given dimension, weight and destination.

Postal or Courier?

Shaped-Based Pricing (US Postal Services) and Pricing in Proportion (Royal Mail) are just two of the many tag lines used by postal services around the world as they move into the lucrative dimensional weighing rate structure. ExpressCube countertop units in the office mailroom will not only allow your staff to sort through new postal rate changes for parcels but allow your staff to determine the most economical shipping solution between postal and courier services.